Home Pest Prevention Tips

15 Practical Home Protection Tips Against Pests

Prevention is always better than cure, and it is the same in the case of pests. Below are some essential pest prevention tips.

home pest prevention

  1. Clean your floors regularly. For best results, vacuum or sweep to get rid of the food and residue that usually attract pests.
  2. Do not leave dishes unwashed after use. Always wipe down the sink.
  3. Clear drains that appear to move slowly. Water is known to draw pests indoors, so fixing and preventing blocked drains is important to do.
  4. Residues may attract bugs. Always wipe residues on the outside of your food containers, including butter, peanut, oil, and honey containers. 
  5. Store your foods and food items only in tightly-sealed containers, especially flours, sugars, bulk mixes, and other dry foods. This is the only way to prevent pest infestations. 
  6. Do not eat or keep spoilt vegetables or fruits. The over-ripe fresh foods are known to invite fruit flies, ants, and similar pets.
  7. Always keep a lid on your trash. This ensures that the foul smell does not escape while keeping pests away. Use only bins and buckets with lids as your garbage and recycling containers. 
  8. Never leave your garbage and recycling containers unkempt. Wash down the outsides and insides regularly.
  9. Trim the foliage around your property regularly. This includes bushes, shrubs, flowerbeds, and trees, especially when they touch your home. Overgrown foliage facilitates the infestation of pests into your home.  
  10. Do not leave your floor drains, ducts, windows, and vents uncovered. They serve as homes or entry points to pests when left open. Screens come handy in covering them. 
  11. Clean up any timber in your yard that can attract termites.
  12. Don’t install irrigation pipes around your home. Termites prefer damp soil.
  13. Take care of any water leaks around the home and ensure good drainage. Check for a leaking hot water system or garden taps.
  14. Clean up any kids toys which can become home to spiders and other creepy critters.
  15. Finally, when fighting termites, nothing beats a year-round termite protection and control program. Bring in a professional termite controller to put one in place for you.

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